M.L. Moran is an investment group founded in 1996. It focuses on long-term investments, predominantly in the manufacturing sector.

About us

M.L. Moran is a managerial investment group.

The principals, Václav Novák and Zdeněk Šmejkal, have spent many years in crisis management, where they personally managed some of the largest and most successful restructurings in the Czech Republic.

In the field of crisis management, M.L. Moran is considered a leader with the most extensive references in the Czech Republic.

Unlike most other investment companies, M.L. Moran has its own team of top quality managers. If necessary, the owners themselves are ready to manage the company personally for a certain period of time.


M.L. Moran focuses on management intensive projects.

Compared with other investment companies, it is able to use strong managerial background of its principals.

M.L. Moran puts emphasis on the mid- to long-term investment horizon with an aim at permanent positive impact.

M.L. Moran comes from the managerial, not financial world.

This unique DNA is a cornerstone of our
business strategy and a competitive advantage.

Václav Novák

Investment strategy of M.L. Moran


We enter companies with growth potential and necessity for high managerial intensity.


We enter companies at various stages of crisis and utilize the knowledge of crisis management.


We enter companies with possible synergies in areas where we are already active.


Václav Novák

Václav Novák

Co-founder and senior managing partner of M.L. Moran, he earned an MBA from the University of Phoenix and is a graduate of the Charles University in Prague. He served as a chairman or a member of the board of most companies in which he or M.L. Moran was active. Besides Czech, he also holds a Canadian citizenship

Zdeněk Šmejkal

Zdeněk Šmejkal

Co-founder and senior partner of M.L. Moran, he is a graduate of the Faculty of Economics of the Technical University in Ostrava. He served as a member of the board of many companies restructured or controlled by M.L. Moran. He was a member of the re-codification committee for insolvency law established by the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic. He also holds an MBA.


Restructuring of one of the largest Czech industrial holdings focused on steel production and heavy engineering. Holding with a turnover exceeding EUR 1 billion went through the complex restructuring and subsequently became the subject of an acquisition by a strategic investor.

Preparation of restructuring plan. Dealing with a crisis situation and personally directly negotiating with more than 1,500 employees out of a total of more than 5,000. Negotiated salary reductions leading to yearly savings of CZK 1 billion. The company was subsequently integrated into the Czech Aeroholding.

Restructuring of the group with financial and industrial activities. This group of about 15 companies with a turnover of EUR 200 million was completely stabilized. Part of the portfolio was divested to strategic investors.

Business development activities on the Czech and Slovak markets. Slovak activities were subsequently acquired by a local investor and the Czech part became a part of the world-wide FedEx network after gaining a critical mass of business.

Acquisition of a significant Czech chemical company with a turnover of EUR 250 million in the distressed situation. Operational financing was structured off the company’s balance sheet. The company was subsequently acquired by a consortium of financial and strategic investors.

Acquisition of an innovative producer of quartz stone slabs and subsequent financial and operational restructuring. At the time of the acquisition the company generated a negative EBITDA, today it is highly profitable with significant potential for further growth.


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